Channel Relay Swim Update

August 25, 2020

7th Agust 2020

On 4th August Dani got the call that all Channel Swim wait for & that is when you need to be in Dover to start your swim. The original start date of 20th June had been cancelled due to Covid. The 6th of August was looking good weather wise & so off she went.

Dani started the relay as swimmer number 1 at 10.19pm on 6th August 2020. After 3 swims (two in the dark), the team amde it to France after 16 hours & 12 minutes at Sea.

Superb effort by each swimmer, supporting each other when it looked unlikely they would finish & swimming hard when asked to make use of the tides. An epic feat bearing in mind the team had not met each other until the day & two of the swimmers had not been able to train as much as they would like as they were in Wales who's lockdown ease was much more restrictive than Englands.

To date Dani has raised £2866, with more money still coming in.

If you feel you can help support Aspire by donating, heres Dani's Just Giving link:-

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Huge thank you to all those that have donated be that friends, family, regulars & Breweries, its very much appreciated.

Watch this space for the next swim challenge......