The Mutton goes all Jackanory

January 7, 2021

7th December 2020

The Shoulder of Mutton has gone all Jackanory!  Introducing:-   “Monday Nights with Bob” !   As part of a residency organised through INN CROWD, Bob will be reading a specially written story from professional author Mary Hargreaves.  Where:- Facebook Live from ‘The Chair’ in his Lounge   When:- Monday 7th December then every Monday after  Time:- 7.30pm  Tune in each week to catch the latest instalment of the story.  It’s revolves around six characters who are all facing their own problems.   Everything seems impossible when you’re going it alone. But there’s a big party being held at the local pub - will any of them go & reconnect?  Tune in to find out!

Each video can found on our Facebook page. If you prefer to read it yourself you can pick up a hard copy from the Pub!